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Course Description

This course lays out a theological groundwork for life and ministry from a Pentecostal point of view. Topics cover a definition of theology, the reason we do theology, and who are theologians. Theology is done under the understanding that faith seeks understanding. The student will be able to integrate head, heart and hands into their ministry practice. The course lays a groundwork for theological reflection and its place in the church.

Greetings! I am Daniel Alvarez and it is a pleasure to welcome you to the course. I am teaching the course, "Theology for Ministry." This course prepares ministers to think theologically while being present in ministry to their parishioners. While some people say, "I don't believe in theology." This in and of itself is a theological position. We want to be found faithful to God and what he has revealed in the Scriptures. This course provides a guide to walk in the truth as we minister in this world.