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Course Description

This Benchmarking and training process is intended to act as a “quick-start-guide”—a way to quickly get you started thinking about where you are and where you need to be on your ministerial journey in order to, survive, thrive, pass the baton, and finish well.

Each contextualized custom benchmark that we get from your States, reveal 8 competencies, 5-6 key responsibilities and performance indicators, the primary motivators or drivers for that position, along with the top behaviors that are needed for superior performance.

Each Benchmark initiative starts from a basic toolbox containing 25 of the most important leadership skills needed in today’s work or ministry environment. The approach is to start with this set of 25 skills, assess your current capability, and help you develop the competencies where there is an assessed GAP between where you are and where you need to be.

And once again, it is all personal and confidential; intended for personal growth and development—not for selection or appointment. Our desire is, as much as possible, to take away the opportunity for you to fail.

We have used this standard set of 25 competencies and employed a patented process to ascertain 8 competencies that drive superior performance within each of our 8 initially selected COG positions:

  1. Top-tier Administrative Bishop
  2. Top-tier Women’s Ministry Director
  3. Missions State Administrative Bishop
  4. Women’s Ministry Director Missions State
  5. Latino Administrative Bishops
  6. Youth Directors
  7. District Pastor
  8. Local Pastor

The 8 competencies that were continuously in the top 8, in all our positions are:

  1. Diplomacy and Emotional Intelligence
  2. Leadership
  3. Appreciating Others
  4. Personal Accountability
  5. Teamwork
  6. Conflict Management
  7. Resiliency
  8. Time and Priority Management.

Hello. I’m Dr. Fred Garmon.

I served as a Senior Pastor for 25 years and in a mission field for a decade. I’m presently the Executive Director and Founder of LeaderLabs, a Non-Profit leadership development ministry. My passion is the development of excellent ministerial leaders and for the reason I developed this course for you.

The study of leadership is a fascinating and inspiring topic that has captivated my attention for decades. One day during my PhD studies I leaned back in my chair and asked, “Where has this stuff been?” Two university degrees and no one had ever taught me how to lead a staff, deal with conflict, or navigate change. I have now made it my goal to help ministers, as Paul told Titus, “to set in order the things that are lacking.”