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Course Description

How do you approach the tension in your life? Depending on our perception of tension—we may run from it or run towards it. Harnessing the Power of Tension was designed to change the common perception of tension to one of value, opportunity, and growth! Leaders who take this course will be equipped with the strategies and techniques to utilize and minimize the inevitable tension that exists in their personal lives, ministries, businesses, and organizations.

My name is Sam Chand, I’m an author, inspirational speaker, personal coach, consultant, and leadership expert. I made and am teaching Harnessing the Power of Tension to change the negative perception of tension. Throughout the course, I’ll discuss how tension can be viewed positively, how to utilize it for the betterment and growth of your organization, and dispel the numerous myths surrounding the topic of tension as a whole! I know this course will be a massive benefit to anyone who is currently, or plans to be, in a leadership role, and will have you and your ministry or business no the way to being healthy, productive, open, and effective in its operations!